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Experience you can trust

Work with a Federally Licensed Louisiana Gun Dealer

Acadiana Tactical Firearms is a 100% veteran owned & operated local business. You will find an owner/operator who is an Acadiana Native, a former U.S. Army Paratrooper, NRA Training Counselor (trains & certifies NRA instructors), NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in multiple disciplines, LA State Police Registered Concealed Carry Instructor, LA Wildlife & Fisheries (LDWF) Hunter Safety Instructor, and a Hand-to-hand (H2H) Combat Instructor who is also a 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor of Hap-Ki-Do. So you can count on a comprehensive, reality-based, real world training experience.

Defend Yourself with Training from the Survival Specialists

Learn how to get out alive with self-defense classes in the Acadiana area

In addition to providing all of your gun and firearms safety needs, Acadiana Tactical Firearms is proud to offer self-defense courses. Taught by a hand to hand combat instructor who is also a second degree black belt instructor of Hap-Ki-Do, you’ll get a reality-based, real world training experience to equip you for the worst case scenario.

Looking for a women’s self-defense course? We’ll get you trained up to make it out alive. Want to know hand-to-hand combat for when your life is on the line? Our instructors will teach you WHAT to do, HOW, and WHEN. Learn more about other urban survival skills classes and much more. Call Acadiana Tactical Firearms today!